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Frequently Asked questions

Is window tinting legal in Florida?

Yes, window tinting is legal in Florida, but there are regulations in place to ensure safety and visibility. Make sure your tint complies with Florida's tint laws, which vary depending on the type of window.

What are the legal tint limits in Florida?

For passenger vehicles, the front side windows must allow at least 28% of light to pass through, while the rear side and rear windows can have any darkness of tint. Windshield tint is allowed above the AS-1 line (typically top 5 inches), but not below.

Can I use reflective or mirrored window tint in Florida?

No, reflective or mirrored window tint is not permitted in Florida. Tint should be non-reflective, and it must not have a mirrored or metallic appearance.

Can I have a medical exemption for darker window tint?

Yes, Florida allows medical exemptions for individuals who require darker window tint due to a medical condition. However, you must obtain a medical exemption certificate from a licensed physician.